Support your mind-body healing with healthy habits around preparing and eating delicious, clean recipes.

Learn To Heal

Trauma is stored in your body. To heal trauma, your body also needs to heal. How we eat is important as what we eat.

Learn how to eat right for healing your brain, your nervous system, and your gut.


Simple and Fun

Cooking shouldn't be complicated, and learning shouldn't be intimidating!

It isn't what you don't get to eat. It's about learning all the wonderful things you DO get to eat. It's about nourishing mind-body-spirit. It is about the ultimate self care – preparing food with love for yourself, for family and for friends.

Reset Cleanse

Learn what your body uniquely needs and learn to love preparing and eating healthy foods with this gentle detoxing, cleanse, clean recipes, mindful eating guide and 1:1 coaching.

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Supported Reset Cleanse

Get support when you need it most to develop healthy new habits 1:1 coaching, recipes and guide plus mindful eating app to help you stay on track 24/7.

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Special Diet Coaching

You know you need to follow your doctor's orders, but have trouble making it happen. We can help you understand what's tripping you up and finally stay on track with 1:1 coaching

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Eva Medcroft


Learning to listen to my body and trusting my gut (both literally and figuratively) is how I successfully learned to manage my autoimmune thyroid disease while healing my trauma. And I can coach you to do the same :)

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